We Say No to ICE Deportation Program "Secure Communities"


Despite massive resistance, ICE implemented its massive deportation program across New York State on May 15th 2012.  We at Families for Freedom along with 70+ other groups have campaigned against Secure Communities (SCOMM) for years, and the harmful impact it would have on our communities and families.  In Spring, 2011 we successfully got Governor Cuomo to suspend the program. A few months later Obama declared that Secure Communities is a federal program, which states cannot over ride and now it is being implemented across the nation. 

We originally created this video in 2010 to show the wide range of voices opposed to Secure Communities.

For more information about SCOMM please visit our Secure Communities Resource Page.

Join us this Wednesday, May 15, at 9am for a press conference on the steps of City Hall, calling for an end to discriminatory policing tactics like Stop-and-Frisk and the collaboration of police and ICE through Secure Communities. End S-Comm and Stop-and-Frisk!
The NYPD'S controversial racial profiling program Stop & Frisk combined with ICE's federal deportation program "Secure Communities" (S-Comm) puts our communities at increased risk of detention and deportation. Over 400,000 people, a record number, were exiled from the U.S. last year -- S-Comm played a key role. Join us at 9am at 500 Pearl street, Coutroom 15C and 1pm at 500 Pear Street, outside the courthouse.
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This month’s show focuses mainly on the activation of DHS’s Secure Communities in New York State. We will also continue to look at detention conditions and efforts to not only bring awareness, but to ultimately shut these awful places down. The Secure Communities program was fully activated in New York State on May 15th 2012, almost a year after the New York State Working Group Against Deportation (NYSWGAD) campaigned heavily to stop activation in 2011 and actually did get Gov. Cuomo to reject it.