Featured Families

Disappeared in America
Betsy Dewitt's husband Sal Acquista was A U.S. permanent resident since he came to the US as a child from Italy. Following a marijuana conviction he pled guilty never being told about the immigration consequences of his plea.
Frantz Gedinez says Stop Deportation Now
Frantz Gedinez is a long time member of Families for Freedom, and faces imminent deportation to Haiti, despite the fact that he has two citizen children in the U.S., strong community ties, and is still trying to get his case reopened.
Joe Chen and family protest on Fathers Day against Deportations
Joe Chen and his wife Mei face deportation to China which has even more serious repercussions for their family as they have three children and China has a one child only law. They have been active in Families for Freedom and New Sanctuary Movement fighting not just their own case, but for the rights of all immigrants.

Kathy McCardle and her son Josh have been members of Families for the Freedom since the early days, following the deportation of Josh's father and Kathy's husband Calvin James to Jamaica.&n

Orlando and Lisa are fighting for him to be able to stay in the United States along with his wife Lisa and his beautiful 3 year old daughter, Isabelle who looks just like him.