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February 01, 2013
Families for Freedom made the cover of the Daily News! Collars for Dollars! There was an outpouring of media attention about our report denouncing USBP bonus programs and policing practices. Of course we don't like their use of the word illegal but are glad that our report got such prominent coverage and hope it will lead to an end to these abusive practices

The Fight for Our Lives/ La Lucha de Nuestras Vidas February/ March 2013

The monthly newsletter of Families for Freedom, a NY based multi-ethnic defense network by and or immigrants facing and fighting deportation. This month features articles about US Border Patrol and Cash Bonuses, Comprehensive Immigration Reform, Black Immigrant History and Women's History.

In the Media
February 08, 2013
WASHINGTON — The highest-ranking official at U.S. Customs and Border Protection is retiring. Deputy Commissioner David Aguilar says he will be leaving the federal law enforcement agency at the end of March. He had spent more than 30 years with the Border Patrol when he became deputy commissioner of Customs and Border Protection in 2010.
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February 07, 2013

WASHINGTON – As the U.S. Border Patrol’s Buffalo sector has stepped up its efforts to arrest illegal immigrants, it may also have vastly expanded a bonus system that can reward agents with cash, extra vacation time and even Home Depot gift cards.

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February 06, 2013
In the wake of Barack Obama’s re-election and as the winds of immigration reform increasingly blow across the political landscape, the mantra of “border security” is becoming louder in some quarters. In late January, for example, the so-called “Gang of Eight”—a bipartisan group of U.S. senators—announced its proposal. It insists upon “success in securing the border” before any “path to citizenship” be opened for the millions of unauthorized immigrants already present in the United States. Among its champions, border security is assumed to be an unadulterated good—or at least the price “we” have to pay for “our” collective wellbeing. That price is costly for both the benighted “us”—the federal government has spent more than $200 billion dollars (in 2012 dollars) on immigration and boundary policing since 1986—and the menacing “them,” thousands of whom have perished in the borderlands since the mid-1990s.
News and Annoucements

This is audio from our press conference releasing our new report That Uncovers Wrongful Arrests by Border Patrol and Cash and Other Incentives.

Featuring the voices of
Anetta, US Citizen, Families for Freedom member
Abraham Paulos, Executive Director, Families for Freedom
Nancy Morawetz, NYU Professor and Co-Director of the Immigrant Rights Clinic
Christian Ramirez, Human Rights Director, Southern Border Communities Coalition
Ryan Bates, Co-Chair, Northern Border Coalition
facilitated by Esther Portillo-Gonzales, Organizer, Families for Freedom

and the audio from the question and answer section.

In the Media
January 31, 2013
A new report from Families for Freedom (FFF) in collaboration with New York University (NYU) Immigrant Rights Clinic found U.S. Border Patrol agents are encouraged to apprehend immigrants through various incentive programs. FFF, a New York-based defense network by and for immigrants facing deportation, obtained data from the U.S. Border Patrol (USBP) station in Rochester, New York and the Buffalo Sector through a Freedom of Information lawsuit. According to the report this is the first public data on USBP discretionary bonus programs that include cash bonuses, vacation awards, and distribution of gift cards to border patrol agents from Home Depot and Macys. Data shows bonuses reached up to $2,500 a year per agent.

Families for Freedom new report uncovers nearly 300 wrongful arrests by Border Patrol and almost $1 million in cash and other incentives

Uncovering USBP

January 30, 2013 (New York, NY) – A new report from Families for Freedom in collaboration with New York University (NYU) Immigrant Rights Clinic entitled, “Uncovering USBP: Bonus Programs for United States Border Patrol Agents and the Arrest of Lawfully Present Individuals” reveals crucial information about the incentives and consequences of USBP practices. Using detailed new data from the USBP station in Rochester, New York and the Buffalo Sector that were obtained through a Freedom of Information lawsuit, the report reveals the existence of various incentive programs provided to Border Patrol agents in their quest to apprehend individuals of color, many of whom have legal status.  The report also documents the broad array of persons with lawful status who suffer at the hands of USBP.