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Join Families for Freedom to march in the streets at a permitted rally with thousands of people including representatives of dozens of immigrant, community and labor organizations, along with organizers from the Occupy Wall Street movement. We will gather for rally in Union Square at 4PM, followed by a march to Wall Street at 5:30. After months of careful planning, a diverse and united coalition has finalized plans to gather under the banner of “LEGALIZE, ORGANIZE, UNIONIZE”, demanding an end to the criminalization and exploitation of immigrant workers, and the stranglehold of the 1% on communities across the city, state, and country. We of course will be marching against deportations and and the profits reaped from detaining our people.
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April 18, 2012
Immigrants and minorities who live near the U.S. northern border are fearful of Customs and Border Protection agents, accusing them of racial profiling, according to a report released Tuesday. "We're really used to hearing about this stuff on the southern border," said Ada Williams Prince, policy director for One America, an anti-racial profiling organization that released the report with the University of Washington Center for Human Rights. "[Washington] is where they filmed the "Twilight" movies. It's all beautiful, but in reality you're talking about communities that have been harassed ... and are living under this climate of fear."
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As we celebrate the coming of Spring we are also gearing up for May Day. This year will be historic as immigrant groups join with labor unions and the Occupy Wall Street Movement. May Day, has historically been a day to celebrate workers rights, and in recent years has shifted to focus on the rights of Immigrants, since the historic marches in 2006. Families for Freedom has consistently participated in May Day protests over the past 6 years, taking to the streets and making sure that immigrant voices are heard. This year we have been involved with the planning of May Day protests along with the Immigrant Worker Justice Group of Occupy Wall Street. We will be joining with the May 1st Coalition for Worker & Immigrant Rights, OWS, the Alliance for Labor & Immigrant Rights & Jobs for All, as well as many other groups. Throughout the day immigrants, students, the undocumented, the organized and unorganized, teachers, postal workers, and low wage workers of all nationalities will gather to send a message to the 1% that the 99% will Legalize, Organize and Unionize! If you can take off work or if you are unemployed or laid off, gather at Union Square at 12noon. Or join us after work at 4pm for a united march & rally at 5:30 at Union Square .
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While deportations have skyrocketed over the past ten years, we know that in the history of the US they have long been used as a tool to exile “undesirable populations.” The government arbitrarily declares people “potential subversives” and then deports them. There is a long legacy of women immigrants playing strong roles in US social movements for worker's justice, black liberation, gender equality and immigrant rights. Here we celebrate Emma Goldman, Claudia Cumberbatch Jones and Elvira Arellano, all social justice activists who were eventually deported for their political activities.
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Families for Freedom just moved to our new office on April 1st.  We are now located at 35 West 31st Street Suite 702, New York, NY 10001.  It is a whopping two blocks away from our current office so we hope you can easily find it.