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News and Annoucements
On May 15th the ICE Deportation Program "Secure Communities" S-COMM went live in New York and Massachusetts despite massive opposition. In the days following, the town of Amherst passed a resolution against Secure Communities that states, "Municipal employees of the Town of Amherst, including law enforcement employees, shall not monitor, stop, detain, question, interrogate or search a person for the purpose of determining that individual's immigration status." adding: “ Officers shall not inquire about the immigration status of any crime victim, witness or suspect unless such information is directly relevant to the investigation.”
WHAT: Immigrants and advocates will hold a rally to condemn Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s activation of “Secure Communities” in New York and other states. ICE is moving forward with S-Comm despite widespread criticism of the mass deportation program and its harmful impacts on communities. The fundamentally flawed fingerprint-sharing program will further entangle police in immigration enforcement and push even more immigrants into the unjust detention and deportation system.

Join Families for Freedom along with many allies and immigrants  to condemn Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s activation of “Secure Communities” in New York and other states.

Defeating ICE Hold Requests

The Guide to Defeating ICE Hold Requests is a manual for communities to understand how immigration enforcement works, and to engage with local law enforcement and policy-makers to pass laws and policies against hold requests.  When someone is booked into a local jail, on any charges, ICE issues a hold request to that jail, asking to keep the person locked up for an extra 48 hours so that ICE can come get them and deport them.  These hold requests are the functional tool that underlies Secure Communities, 287(g), and the Criminal Alien Program.  If communities refuse to submit to ICE hold requests, then immigrants who are released from jail are able to go back home to their families, instead of being snatched away to immigration detention and deportation.  The Guide provides information and advice for organizers and communities to understand the links between local law enforcement and ICE and to change those relationships.


ICE Programs
Join Families for Freedom to march in the streets at a permitted rally with thousands of people including representatives of dozens of immigrant, community and labor organizations, along with organizers from the Occupy Wall Street movement. We will gather for rally in Union Square at 4PM, followed by a march to Wall Street at 5:30. After months of careful planning, a diverse and united coalition has finalized plans to gather under the banner of “LEGALIZE, ORGANIZE, UNIONIZE”, demanding an end to the criminalization and exploitation of immigrant workers, and the stranglehold of the 1% on communities across the city, state, and country. We of course will be marching against deportations and and the profits reaped from detaining our people.
In the Media
April 18, 2012
Immigrants and minorities who live near the U.S. northern border are fearful of Customs and Border Protection agents, accusing them of racial profiling, according to a report released Tuesday. "We're really used to hearing about this stuff on the southern border," said Ada Williams Prince, policy director for One America, an anti-racial profiling organization that released the report with the University of Washington Center for Human Rights. "[Washington] is where they filmed the "Twilight" movies. It's all beautiful, but in reality you're talking about communities that have been harassed ... and are living under this climate of fear."