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Families For Freedom has a number of educational programs including our Know your Rights Trainings conducted at Rikers and with community and school groups. We conduct Speakers Bureau trainings to develop the voice of FFF members and immigrant families throughout the New York Metropolitan Area. The trainings comprehensively break down border enforcement policies and agencies, and prepare participants for an effective leading role as peer educators, organizers and mobilizers within frontline communities. 

We use political education to combat the isolation and disorientation felt by families and communities threatened by criminalization and deportation. Our analysis highlights shared experiences within a broader context of global migration:

·grounded in histories of colonial possession, displacement and border-making;

·tracing continuities and contradictions of U.S. historical development, as it relates to the central role of captive or contingent migrant labor and its racialized exclusion;

·locating personal and shared histories in relation to the impact of militarism, and disastrous development and trade policies that produced recent cycles of migration;

·identifying the phenomenal rise of detention and deportation rates, as it relates to the growing capacities of police and border enforcement agencies, supported by an expanding definition of criminality.

By expanding the historical frame of U.S. immigration policies, we strengthen our understanding of the resistable rise of the deportation crisis and the power of families and organized immigrant communities to chart an alternate course.