Comprehensive Immigration Reform is More Interior and Exterior Enforcement, Not an Overhaul of Immigration Laws

For more than ten years Families for Freedom has been on the frontline of fighting for human rights.  We are current and former detainees, deportees and their loved ones. We address the unjust systems that criminalizes us because we are poor, that incarcerates us because we are people of color and forces us to migrate back to plundered lands. As federal deportation programs continue to proliferate in every jurisdiction in the country, our fight has become increasingly critical and relevant to our lives, our families and our communities.

Under the current administration we endure record breaking deportations. In the last four years the U.S. has forced close to two million people out of the country. President Obama’s iron fist approach to aggressive policing targets poor communities of color through programs such as “Secure Communities”, 287g, and local NYC enforcement programs like Stop and Frisk. In the wake of reignited talks around Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR), a proposal spearheaded by our New York Senator Schumer that aims to increase the unprecedented levels of deportations.  The proposal tenets also include but are not limited to: increase border  and interior enforcement, an expanded skilled guest worker program, an English proficiency requirement and a national ID card that  threatens civil liberties and human rights.

As Democrats and Republicans, play political games for new Asian and Latino voters, so called immigrant rights advocates have begun to rally for  policies that are thinly veiled deportation programs. These proposed policies are not reform nor are they comprehensive. Instead they are an expansion of draconian immigration laws (IIRIRA & AEDPA) that passed in 1996.  The existing government programs result in the break up of our families and exports America's insecurities.  It's vital that we come together and continue to fight for polices that reflect the reality of our communities and not the political climate in Washington DC. We urge the current administration to immediately implement policies that are rooted in family unity values and respect for human rights. We demand a complete overhaul of our nation’s immigration system with the following points as central tenets:

1) CREATE laws that promote family unity

2) STOP deportations

3) END detention 

4) DEMILITARIZE the border

5) TERMINATE the bond between immigration and local enforcement