Families for Freedom 2.0!

Families for Freedom 2.0!

Some may say that we fully entered the 21st century in 2011 with the launch of our new website, a new @familiesfreedom twitter account, an electronic newsletter, a re-designed print newsletter, a new logo, War on Immigrants Report Radio Podcast, a Vimeo Video channel, A flickr photo page and a hyped up Facebook.

We're assuming if you're reading this, you may have noticed.  But if not- take notice and check out our website like us on facebook, follow us on twitter and sign up for our monthly mailing list (right hand corner of front page of our site). Also be sure to listen to the War on Immigrants Radio report First Thursdays of the month from 10PM-11PM on WBAI community radio in NYC 99.5 FM WBAI.org   We are using media as a tool for justice!

We believe that media is a crucial tool for us telling our own stories.  As people largely coming from immigrant communities of color we are continually demonized in the media, called “illegals” “criminal aliens” and more.  We fight back by organizing but also by creating videos, and audio pieces telling the true stories of people feeling the brunt of anti-immigrant policies that lock us up in abusive detention centers, and lead to our deportation and separation our families and communities.  

In 2012 we will further utilize new media to bring you the voices of people in detention centers, live & direct. We will also continue to feature media workshops and trainings so that Families for Freedoms members, those at the frontline of America's immigration crisis are out there telling their own stories.  

We hope you can help us spread these messages by sharing this newsletter with your friends, families and colleagues and sharing our posts through your social networks.