We Celebrate 10 years of Struggle & Support

A decade ago, three families came together to confront the largely invisible crisis of deportation. Together they broke the silence and overcame the isolation that many families face when one of their members is facing deportation. Creating an informal network focused on providing mutual support and education, the Shahani Family, Subhash Kateel, and Maria Muentes formed Families for Freedom (FFF). From these three founding families' vision grew the powerful organization we know today fighting on the frontlines of this nation's immigration debate. This is a slideshow of all the people involved over the past decade with Families for Freedom's work.
Families for Freedom started in the aftermath of 9/11 when Arab and Muslim men's civil liberties were stripped from them, and thousands locked in detention centers and eventually deported. Ten years later we have seen the passage of anti-immigrant legislation that legalizes racial profiling coupled with skyrocketing deportations and detentions. Since the beginning FFF has focused on overcoming divides within the immigration reform movement and organized for the rights of all immigrants to stay with their families and communities.
Over the years, we have ensured that the people most directly affected by these harmful immigration policies are the people who are educating and organizing against deportations. These photos capture these moments on the frontlines.