Deportation 101

Deportation 101 WorkshopFFF prioritizes teaching. We share the lessons we have learned through workshops in churches, school, jails and bustling street corners. We partner with organizers, lawyers and community groups wo want to intervene and help prevent the deportation of  their members and clients.

We hold free clinics at our office and also throughout the community in partnership with  NYC organizations and also across the country.  Families for Freedom also provides technical assistance to our allies by sharing the lessons we have learned from organizing locally against a national deportation system.

Deportation 101 Workshop Deportation 101: The Training

In 2005, FFF partnered with the Immigrant Defense Project to develop Deportation 101, an intensive seminar on the deportation system from the point of arrest to expulsion. We expected only a handful of local service-providers and organizers to attend. But over 200 organizations signed up for our first trainings, at New York University School of Law. Since then Deportation 101 has become a hotly demanded training that we have brought to cities including Boston, Miami, Atlanta, Austin, and Washington DC.

The latest Deportation 101 manual is NOW AVAILABLE! This revision was completed in December 2010. We partnered with members of the Detention Watch Network, including the Immigrant Defense Project and the National Immigration Project of the National Lawyers Guild to bring our hands-on curriculum around the country.

DOWNLOAD Deportation 101: English and Spanish

Diverse people concerned with the growing deportation system request the training. They include religious leaders of the New Sanctuary Movement; criminal justice advocates; leaders from diverse ethnic communities; and defense committees formed around an individual facing deportation. Training is one-on-one and intensive, and includes best practices on anti-deportation organizing.