BEWARE: ICE is IN OUR Communities

BEWARE: ICE is IN OUR Communities

BEWARE: ICE is IN OUR Communities


Are you a noncitizen?

Visa, Refugee, Asylee, TPS, Undocumented, Green Card Holder, etc.




Do you have previous criminal convictions or are you on parole or probation?


There has been an increase in ICE home raids throughout New York City. ICE has been targeting people especially with past criminal convictions. It does not matter when you were convicted; ICE can detain you and try to deport you even if the conviction is many years old.


Trends by Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) during raids:

• ICE comes between 5-8am.

• They do not always identify as ICE but as police dressed in regular clothes with a badge.

 What ICE has been saying:

• Need help with an investigation, and show a picture of another person.

  • That your Social Security # was stolen and they want help investigating.

• Ask to meet you at your job. (Do not give location. ICE can pick you up there.)


What to do if ICE comes to your door:

• Be Calm.

• DO NOT let any immigration or public officer in your homes without a warrant.

• IF they have a warrant, DO NOT open the door.  ASK them to slide it under the door.

• Check the warrant, and see the NAME OF PERSON, check if ADDRESS IS CORRECT, look for a JUDGE SIGNATURE.

• IF an immigration or public officer enters WITHOUT a warrant, make sure you ASK for their name and/or badge number.

• If you do open the door, DO NOT GIVE CONSENT to enter or search your home! DENY CONSENT - SAY “I DO NOT GIVE PERMISSION TO THIS SEARCH.”


Have you or anyone you know been raided by ICE? If so, please contact Families for Freedom’s hotline at 646-290-8720