Families for Freedom Summer Wrap up!

Families for Freedom Summer Wrap up!

May 2015

May 4th- Prison Divestment Action outside GEO headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida

The GEO Group is one of the biggest private prison operators in the world. It pushes for immigration-heavy reform because stricter immigration policies = more profit. #PrisonDivest. 


May 9th- Mother’s Day Celebration

Members honored all the mothers and women of Families for Freedom, the women who are facing deportations and detentions, and those who are facing the deportations of their loved ones.



May 28th-Cabrini Immigrant Workshops from 7-8 pm @ Cabrini Immigrant Services

A Know Your Rights presentation at Cabrini Immigrant Services a multi-service community and faith-based agency that provides a broad range of culturally and linguistically appropriate services to immigrants, refugees, asylees, and their families.



Collective Clinics held every Wednesday from May to August

We educated and built with more than 20 individuals and families about their loved ones’ deportation proceedings. If you have a loved one that is going through deportation proceeding - contact Families for Freedom: (646) 290-8720. 



June 2015

June 9th- “STOP Displacing Our People and Locking them up for Profit!”

Rally to confront the landlord class and hold them accountable for the displacement, criminalization and incarceration of our people! GEO and CCA received Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) status, which creates a loophole for them and their investors to make billions in profit from incarcerating people of color and immigrants TAX FREE! Private prisons reap huge profits to create a cheap prison labor force while locking up people for social control.


June 20th- Father’s Day Speakout (Annual Father Day’s Action) @ Bronx-- Fordham Rd & Grand Concourse

Every year, FFF holds a Father’s Day Action to expose the harsh realities of detention, deportation and separated families.  This year we also linked up with #wearealldominican march in the Bronx  against the deportations of Haitians from the Dominican Republic.  #EndDeportations


Critical Resistance meetings held the third Tuesday of every month at FFF office

Critical Resistance seeks to build an international movement to end the Prison Industrial Complex by challenging the belief that caging and controlling people makes us safe.  


July 2015


July 1st- “Coming to America” summer film screening @ 6:30 @ office

As folks geared up for July 4th, FFF celebrated our immigrant families and community by screening an immigrant movie classic at our office-turned summer movie house.


July 8th- Tabling at the Bronx Defender’s Community Block Party

Informing the Bronx community about their human rights.


July 11th- Shut Down Berks Family Detention Center in Leesport, Pennsylvania

Road trip to Berks Family Detention for a Liberation Concert and Rally Action for the women and children currently incarcerated there. #EndDetention


July 19th-Deportation 101 Workshop @ 1pm @ St. Jerome’s HANDS Community Center

A Know Your Rights presentation to inform the community about the threat of deportation, those most at risk, and the laws that create the system.

July 20th- Ayotzinapa: Blood, Resistance & Hope Multimedia Presentation @ 7 pm @ office

Former Families for Freedom staffer Andalusia Knoll, who is currently a freelance journalist in Mexico, shared videos, photos and artwork from the struggle for the 43 Ayotzinapa students in Mexico. A discussion about what has and is happening in Mexico as well the origins of forced migration and how this connects anti-detention and deportation struggles in the U.S. followed. 


July 31st- DREAM Summer National Internship Program Info Session @ FFF office from 6:00-7:30 pm

The Dream Summer National Internship Program is the only internship program in the nation run by and for undocumented youth. The program provides undocumented youth and allies with Summer internship opportunities across the nation. Interns engage in community organizing, media, advocacy, and leadership development. Participants receive a $5,000 leadership award! Learn more here: http://www.labor.ucla.edu/what-we-do/dream-resource-center/dream-summer/



ICE FREE NYC meetings held every other Tuesday @ FFF office 7pm

The ICE-FREE NYC campaign is comprised of New Yorkers of all backgrounds who want Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) presence completely out of our city, which means an end to ICE collaboration with all New York City agencies.



Free Marlon Francisco Vaz Campaign ongoing throughout July and August

Three years after a botched surgery in an ICE facility that left half of his face permanently paralyzed, ICE continues to prioritize Marlon’s detention instead of his release. We were able to get 500+ signatures on our petition targeting New Orleans Field Officer Brian Acuna. Learn about the campaign here: http://familiesforfreedom.org/news/enddetention-week-action-and-free-marlon-vaz


Summer 2015 Speaker’s Bureau every Thursday from 6:30-9 pm @ office

Learning about Deportation 101, from the laws that affect our families to how to organize to change those very policies. We launched our Summers Speakers Bureau reaching our max for the class within 2 weeks of the announcement.  Unfortunately we had to turn away some participants but have them on a waitlist for next class.  We had folks from New York University Law School, CUNY Law School, New York Collective of Radical Educators (NYCORE), Desis Rising Up and Moving (DRUM), Bronx Defenders, YA-YA network, New York State Leadership Council (NYSLC), Arab American Association of New York (AAANY).


Raising awareness about Home Raids in affected NYC communities

Informing the community, especially in East Harlem and the Bronx about the increase in home raids by ICE officers; what ICE has been telling people, who is being targeted, and what to do in the case that it happens to you. 



August 2015

August 8th- Annual Summer BBQ & Brooklyn Bridge Park, Pier 5 from 11am-4 pm

Our annual member summer bbq was a great summer wrap up. We shared food and drinks, played some soccer and connected with other members! 


August 23rd: FFF workshop for NYSLC’s YEP program

We were happy to host New York State Leadership Council and their YEP program for a FFF workshop on detention and deportation.