Father's Day Despair

Another Father's Day without their fathers....While fathers all over the country are celebrating with their children, our member children are still without theirs.  FFF held their annual Father's Day vigil at Union Square the day before Fathers Day, to remind people that families are being torn apart by detention/deportation.
As thousands of tourists and New Yorkers alike passed through Union Square, we gathered and spoke out to denounce the yearly skyrocketing deportation rates of almost 400,000 people. We let people know about the harsh reality for young folks who can't be with their fathers on this special day because of our nations immigration policy. We held up posters made by our kids to stop breaking up families, had a table with information on detention and our Member children, whose fathers were deported, passed out info to the crowd. 
There's so much to do to keep families together.  Encourage your Congress people to support the Child Citizen Protection Act (HR 250). This bill would give immigration judges the power to take into consideration the best interest of US citizen children in deportation cases.  You can find out more about the CCPA on the American Kids, Immigrant Families section of our website.
All Photos by Graham Macindoe