FFF participates in National Prison Divestment Day of Action

Dump Prison Stock: Invest in Humanity

On December 13, 2012 Families for Freedom, immigrant rights advocates, local prison abolitionists, and Enlace, the national coordinator of the Private Prison Divestment Campaign, protested outside Scopia Fund Management  to demand the company stop investing in private prisons. The demonstration was part of a national Day of Action of the Private Prison Divestment Campaign.

Missing Community Members because of Deportation
“It is obscene that people are being detained for a civil matter and even more obscene is that companies, like Scopia Management, are profiting from human misery. Geo Group and CCA and their investors including Scopia Management and Wells Fargo, with their shared resources and interests, have lobbied and influenced lawmakers to make sure that their prisons are filled with our loved ones and their pockets filled with taxpayer money," said Families for Freedom organizer Donald Anthonyson.  He added "To see so many people coming out and supporting the campaign is very encouraging. And it also puts pressure on Scopia Management and other profiteers to divest from these private prisons."