Immigrants and Advocates Gather to Protest May 15 Activation of Mass Deportation Program in New York

Say No to S-COMM
May 11, 2012

WHAT: Immigrants and advocates will hold a rally to condemn Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s activation of “Secure Communities” in New York and other states. ICE is moving forward with S-Comm despite widespread criticism of the mass deportation program and its harmful impacts on communities. The fundamentally flawed fingerprint-sharing program will further entangle police in immigration enforcement and push even more immigrants into the unjust detention and deportation system.
WHEN:   Monday, May 14, 2012, 12:00pm (after City Council Speaker Christine Quinn's 11:00am press conference on this issue at steps of City Hall)

WHERE:   26 Federal Plaza, New York, NY (Broadway side)

WHO:  Immigrants and their families and advocates

WHY:   On June 1, 2011, Governor Andrew Cuomo suspended S-Comm in New York. But ICE just announced that it will activate S-Comm throughout New York (along with Massachusetts) on May 15 despite widespread criticism. Advocates have decried the record-breaking deportations under the Obama Administration – nearly 400,000 a year – and the role “Secure Communities” has played in exiling immigrants en masse from their families and communities. Protesters will call for a nationwide termination of program S-Comm as it funnels people directly into detention and deportation, jeopardizes trust in the police, and encourages racial profiling.