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“The Penalty is Exile,” is a special episode of " The Prison Radio Project" which airs on WGXC Community Radio Station in Hudson, NY. It features interviews with Families for Freedom and many of our allies and explores the history and current reality of immigration enforcement -- 400,000 immigrants are deported a year.
On July 23rd Families for Freedom, Immigrant Defense Project, and New York University School of Law Immigrant Rights Clinic released the report: Insecure Communities, Devastated Families: New Data on Immigrant Detention and Deportation Practices in New York City. In the wake of growing deportation programs such as the recently-activated “Secure Communities” initiative, this new report sheds light on the precise ways in which current detention and deportation practices are wreaking havoc on New York City immigrants and their communities. The deportation system is devastating families by not only threatening to exile their loved ones, but also often forcing immigrants to fight their cases for years while locked up in far-away immigration jails. To view some of the articles and videos that came out about the report click links
The activation of Secure Communities (S-Comm) last month basically put New York City in the same category as Arizona, whose recent law, SB 1070, is regarded as the most draconian immigration law in the country. That is because in New York City, S-Comm is combined with the New York Police Department’s (NYPD) policy of Stop and Frisk. While NYC police officers cannot ask us our immigration status, they don’t have to; a quick trip to the precinct can give them that information. Today, the police precincts are virtual immigration checkpoints, driving us further into the shadows of a police state.
As part of their History studies, a group of twenty 11th grade students at the Brooklyn School for Collaborative Studies visited Families for Freedom. We helped break down the “Crimmigation system” which is the crossroads of the Criminal and Immigration system and explain the work we do. Our conversations focused on these questions: How do people maintain their dignity within an oppressive society? What are the most effective and humane ways to make positive change in our communities, society and world at large?
Findings raise serious concerns about violations of detainees’ human and constitutional rights The American Civil Liberties Union Foundation of Georgia released a comprehensive report on conditions of detention for immigrants in Georgia titled: “Prisoners of Profit: Immigrants and Detention in Georgia.”
On May 15th the ICE Deportation Program "Secure Communities" S-COMM went live in New York and Massachusetts despite massive opposition. In the days following, the town of Amherst passed a resolution against Secure Communities that states, "Municipal employees of the Town of Amherst, including law enforcement employees, shall not monitor, stop, detain, question, interrogate or search a person for the purpose of determining that individual's immigration status." adding: “ Officers shall not inquire about the immigration status of any crime victim, witness or suspect unless such information is directly relevant to the investigation.”