Private Prison Divestment Campaign

Dump The Prison Stock: Invest in Humanity

Families for Freedom is part of the Steering Committee of the Private Prison Divestment Campaign. In partnership with Enlace, and community groups and unions across the US, we have called on all public and private institutions to divest their holdings in Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) and GEO Group, America’s largest private prison corporations which have profited from billions in taxpayer money.

Both CCA and GEO Group are publicly-traded companies that rely on financing and other assistance from major investors to employ their powerful lobbying efforts in Congress, federal agencies, and state capitols across the country.  Therefore, investors have a direct responsibility in CCA’s and GEO’s efforts to create felons to fill our prison system.

The National Private Prison Divestment Campaign focuses on an underlying source of undignified immigration policy, namely the connection between major financial institutions and the for-profit prison industry and their joint role in the accelerated incarceration of immigrants.

News and Annoucements
On December 13, 2012 Families for Freedom, immigrant rights advocates, local prison abolitionists, and Enlace, the national coordinator of the Private Prison Divestment Campaign, protested outside Scopia Fund Management to demand the company stop investing in private prisons. The demonstration was part of a national Day of Action of the Private Prison Divestment Campaign.

Join The National Private Prison Divestment Campaign, Families for Freedom, Enlace Int'l and others to protest companies that profit off the detention of immigrant communities. Matthew Sirovich and Jeremy Mindich’s Scopia Capital LLC, is one of the largest shareholder in the Geo Group (GEO), the largest company in our nation’s private prison industry. It also holds stock in Corrections Corporations of America GEO has been linked to cruel anti-immigrant laws in Arizona and Georgia as well as to abusive practices in immigrant detention facilities GEO runs for the federal government. Courts have found GEO responsible for wrongful deaths, sexual assaults, and other horrors in its tax-funded lock-ups.
News and Annoucements
Families for Freedom is proud to be part of the national Prison Divestment Campaign that organized for Wells Fargo to dump their prison stock. Today it was announce that Wells Fargo just divested from GEO group, the nations largest private prison company, that profits off of the misery of immigrants and their families. Hasta la Victoria!!!!
In the Media
January 18, 2012
Since the divestment campaign began on May 12, 2011. CCA’s stock value dropped from $26.02 to $20.67, a 21% drop at year’s end. Geo Group stock has taken a similar plunge, from a high of $26.12 on May 12 to $16.75 on December 31, 2011, a drop of over 34%.
News and Annoucements
On December 18th Families for Freedom marched with immigrant and worker rights groups and the Occupy movement to highlight the importance of immigrants within the 99%, protest anti-immigrant laws across the country, and take on Wall Street's construction of private, for-profit immigration prisons and wage theft from immigrant workers. We along with members of the Immigrant Worker Justice Working Group of Occupy Wall Street, immigrants and allies held our first major mobilization with hundreds of people: a rally and march from Foley Square, featuring a diverse array of music, dance, and street theater which culminated in a multi-lingual General Assembly at Zuccotti Park.