War On Immigrants Radio Show

Join us on the 1st Tuesday of every month from 10am-11am EST for the War on Immigrants Report co-hosted by members of Families for Freedom and Adam Carroll of the Muslim Consultative Network. Listen live at WBAI (99.5-NYC) or online at: http://wbai.org. Past shows are listed below; you can listen online or download an MP3 and take the show with you!

Listen to this month's War on Immigrants Report hosted by Abraham Paulos and Donald Anthonyson of Families for Freedom and Adem Carroll. The recent Supreme Court ruling on Arizona’s SB1070 had some of its supporters claiming victory and its opponents fearing more agony. While the discussion and disseminations will continue for some time, this month, we ask what has it changed for the people who will be affected, directly and indirectly? Given the history of the Supreme Court and its’ many race based decisions, how will the struggle to maintain dignity and justice play out? How did it play out in the past? On today's show we will speak with Dr. Alfonso Gonzales, Assistant Professor, Political Science at Lehman College and Carlos Garcia, the director of Puente Arizona, and Diana Perez-Ramirez an organizer at Puente Arizona.
This month’s War On Immigrants Report hosted by Donald Anthonyson of Families for Freedom and Adem Carroll will be focusing on the recent DHS announcement regarding deferred action for ‘Dreamers’and we will also looking at the Pew Research Center’s report “The Rise of Asian Americans” Our guests will include Yajaira Saavedra from Dream Scholars, Anayely Gomez from the New York State Leadership Council, Khin Mai Aung, of the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund and John Choe, the Director of One Flushing Community Economic Development Center.
This month’s show focuses mainly on the activation of DHS’s Secure Communities in New York State. We will also continue to look at detention conditions and efforts to not only bring awareness, but to ultimately shut these awful places down. The Secure Communities program was fully activated in New York State on May 15th 2012, almost a year after the New York State Working Group Against Deportation (NYSWGAD) campaigned heavily to stop activation in 2011 and actually did get Gov. Cuomo to reject it.
As Haiti marks the two-year anniversary of the devastating January 12, 2010 earthquake, along with what has been labeled the world’s worse cholera epidemic, killing an average of 200 Haitians per month, the US is still deporting people back to a country that even the State Department warned its citizens against traveling to. In June 2011, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights also weighed in by "ordering" the US to stop the deportations of Haitians back to the country, based on obvious health, safety and human rights concerns. On today's War on Immigrants Report we and our guests examine the current situation in Haiti and also what Haitian nationals are facing when they are at risk of being deported.