News and Announcements

The Columbia School of Social Work is having their annual Criminal Justice Caucus, BEYOND THE BARS on March 6th through March 8th. Families for Freedom will be presenting at a workshop called Immigration, Incarceration, and Justice will be held on Saturday March 7th from 3:45-5:15 pm. We are also excited that FFF Board Chair Marlon Peterson will be a part of the Kick-Off Event on Friday with Michelle Alexander, Asha Rose, Eddie Conway and a several other powerful guest speakers
Families for Freedom has opened enrollment for our Fall 2014 Speakers Bureau! Speakers Bureau is a 10 week program with weekly classes focusing on the intersections between the criminal justice and immigration system, organizing against detention and deportations and public speaking and presentation skills. Graduates from the program go on to educate and organize their communities to create real safe spaces for immigrant families.
The report “Justice Detained, Justice Denied: Immigration and Customs Enforcement Prevents Immigrants from Fighting Unlawful Criminal Convictions,” authored by the Immigrant Rights Clinic at New York University School of Law and commissioned by Families for Freedom, reveals the fundamental contradiction between New York state and constitutional laws designed to protect people from unlawful convictions, and the deportation machinery of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).
1. ICE will refuse to bring an immigrant detainee to have her post-conviction relief claim heard by a state judge. 2. ICE requests travel documents from foreign embassies and consulates to expedite deportation, knowing that there is a post-conviction case is pending. 3. ICE will remove from the United States noncitizens who have post-conviction relief cases pending...
Throughout its history, New York City has been a city of immigrants: in both 1900 and 2011, 37% of the city’s population was foreign-born. Today, more than three million New Yorkers are immigrants, and 60% of the city’s residents are immigrants or the children of immigrants. At the same time, New York is a city in which one in nine adults has been convicted of a crime in the last ten years...