Organizing & Advocacy

Families for Freedom is recognized as a preeminent organizing support center for families affected by criminalization and deportation. By centering the experience and expertise of New Yorkers at the intersection of the immigration and criminal legal systems, we contest social exclusion and develop the leadership of directly affected people in their own liberation. Resisting the labels of ‘Illegal Immigrant’ and ‘Criminal Alien’ that posit us as an exception to U.S. Civil Rights, FFF assert our common humanity by situating our work in a human rights framework (UN Declaration of Human Rights, 1948).

The crisis of mass deportation signals an opportunity to intervene where vision and leadership is lacking. Through grassroots organizing, direct action, education and media work, we work to draw critical attention to the root of policies that led to this moment. Through coalition work and intersectional movement-building, we transform the scale of opposition across struggles, sectors, and geographies, and build the capacity of immigrant leaders to advance an agenda that unites families and communities rather than divide and criminalize them.