News and Announcements

Join Families For Freedom this Monday September 5 at the West Indian Day Labor Day event in Brooklyn.

When: Monday September 5 from 12-5pm

Location: Southside of Eastern Parkway between Classon and Franklin

Speakers Bureau is a program with weekly classes focusing on the intersections between the criminal justice and immigration system, organizing against detention and deportations and public speaking and presentation skills. Graduates from the program go on to educate and organize their communities to create real safe spaces for immigrant families.
This fall we will be celebrating 13 years of working to keep our families together, educating our communities about detention and deportation and struggling against repressive policies. We have been forging alliances and fighting hard locally and globally to make sure that justice for our families is at the forefront.
Hello FFF community! We hope all of you have had a wonderful summer. To end this sizzling summer with a bang and to kick off the fall season, here is a list of all the events Families had this summer. We hope you had a chance to attend some of them!
Are you a noncitizen? AND Do you have previous criminal convictions or are you on parole or probation? There has been an increase in ICE home raids throughout New York City. ICE has been targeting people especially with past criminal convictions. It does not matter when you were convicted; ICE can detain you and try to deport you even if the conviction is many years old. Have you or anyone you know been raided by ICE? If so, please contact Families for Freedom’s hotline at 646-290-8720.
No eres Ciudadano de los E.E.U.U? Y Tiene penales antecedentes o está en libertad condicional o provisional? Ha sido arrestado por la policía y condenado de un crimen? Incluso si usted no fue sentenciado a tiempo en cárcel todavía podría estar en riesgo de deportación o allanamientos de casa. Usted o alguien que usted conoce ha sido detenido por una redada en casa por parte de ICE? Si es asi, por favor llame nuestra línea directa al (646)290-8720.
Families for Freedom along with the ‪#‎Not1More‬ campaign, Detention Watch Network, We Belong Together and many organizations are taking part in A National Week of Action to call for the End of Immigration Detention. “‘A system that ‘breeds cruelty and harm’ should be shut down!” Our loved ones have been imprisoned for many years without bond in immigration detention, without knowing if there will be a day when they will be reunited with our families. We call for the freedom of our loved ones languishing in unnecessary detention. Detention is not a solution to anything, it is the problem. The only alternative to detention is freedom. In honor of the National Week of Action for the End of Immigration Detention, Families for Freedom is demanding Free Marlon Vaz!